Spring 2017 Collection

The S/S 2017 collection harkens to the seductive and vibrant streets of Mexico City, where canopies of blooming jacaranda rise above the grandeur of classic Porfirian architecture, exuding a history of magnetism and cultural friction. Designers Dana Mason and Bradley Dakota Smith sought to capture the lush exoticism, chaos, and mystery of the sprawling metropolis through an exploration of color and texture.



Aside from travels to Mexico City, the designers split their time between West Harlem, Ithaca, Hudson Valley, and West Palm Beach. The frequent travel informed the pragmatic shapes of the collection and sparked a desire to flirt with gaud.


The collection is reminiscent of dusty landscapes, mid-century beach homes, and decrepit mansions.

An eclectic palette of washed-out blue and beige tints are balanced by more saturated tones of peach, emerald, navy, and brown. Polos, shirts, and jackets were constructed from lightweight cotton twill, brushed linens, and raw silk. Saddle tan leather and natural python belts ground the collection’s vagabond soul.


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